What is Maple & Oak, and how is it connected with Kelly Peloza Photo and Seadog Creative?

Great question! Maple & Oak Studios is a collaboration between our principle photographer’s Chicago-based business, Kelly Peloza Photo, and our videographers’ Milwaukee-based business, Seadog Creative, but it’s not its own entity at this time. Making the Maple & Oak website and collaboration was a way to showcase our wedding photography and videography services together and offer our clients discounts by booking our photo/video packages, but you will still be working directly with our individual businesses.

If you book a photo/video package, you are hiring Kelly Peloza Photo and Seadog Creative. You will receive your photography contract from and send your photography payment to Kelly, and receive your videography contract from and send your payment to Andi and Betty at Seadog Creative. We are committed to keeping our individual policies consistent and transparent.


How far in advance should I contact you about wedding photography or videography? What will I need to do to secure my spot?

6 months to a year is ideal, and sooner is always better if you’re getting married during a busy time of year (spring/early summer and fall) or on a popular date, like a 3 day holiday weekend. This will also give us time to get to know each other and go over the details of your wedding as it’s planned. But we can’t always predict our schedule, so please send us an inquiry, even you think it’s too late! A non-refundable deposit, usually 50% of your selected package, is required to secure your booking, so please plan for this.


The deposit is non-refundable? Why?

Yes, except if there’s an emergency and you contact us as soon as you can. The deposit guarantees your date and goes toward your total cost of photography/videography services, so we think this is a fair policy. Since weddings are usually booked far in advance, and many couples have the same wedding date, we would not want to turn down a couple, only to have the couple we’d previously booked cancel and ask for their deposit back after that. If a prospective client comes to us and requests the date and photographer/videographer you’ve already booked, you are our first priority, even if it’s a destination wedding and Beyoncé is on the guest list.


Do you offer any discounts?

We understand; once-in-a-lifetime event photography and videography is indeed a big investment. While we only see you for the 8-10 hours of your wedding day, we’re consistently available via phone and email (and possibly in person if you’re local!) in the months leading up to your wedding date, and spending weeks editing and putting on the finishing touches to make sure the final product is up to yours and our standards. We have years of practice and expertise, and lots of expensive equipment to maintain, and want to be able to provide the highest quality services to you. We may be biased, but we think photography and videography are some of the best investments you can make for your wedding day. After the party wraps up and the decorations come down, you’ll have your memories, photos, and videos for a lifetime.

By offering Maple & Oak photography and videography packages, we’re able to provide our clients the same services for about $1000 less than booking the photography and videography separately, so we cannot further reduce these prices. However, if you’re just looking for a 2-4 hours of coverage for a short ceremony at the courthouse, or a casual ceremony with a small group of family and friends, please reach out with the details and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.


When will I receive a reply?

We’ll get back to you in 2-3 business days with a quote or to confirm receipt of your email and ask any followup questions that we need answers to in order to prepare your quote.


What happens if it’s cloudy/raining/thunderstorming/muddy on my date?!

We’ll be there for you, rain or shine! A cloudy day actually provides fantastic lighting for photos and video—it’s nice, soft, even lighting from all angles, and you don’t have to worry about the sun in your eyes. 

If it’s drizzling on and off throughout the day, it’s easy to work around that. But in the case of a downpour or thunderstorm, we’ll choose the indoor spots from our list of locations, which we’ll prepare together during the planning stages. Or if you’re the adventurous types, bring your rain boots and umbrellas; we’ll make the best of it and do a session in the rain (as long as it’s safe)! As long as your wedding’s still on, we’re there. It’ll certainly be a memorable experience, and you’ll have the photos and videos for years to come!

For most engagement shoots, we can reschedule.


Can I pick out the photos I receive or view the raw video footage? Can I have the RAW files?

Our meticulous selection and professional post-processing of your photos and video footage is an important part of our services and visual style. We’ll take thousands of photos and hours of footage at your wedding, so you can kick back and relax and trust that we’ll choose the best of the best for the final products. Don’t worry; we have a sense of humor, so we’ll include the silly photos too (but save you from going through the hundreds of outtakes and those less-than-flattering photos from when you had a sneeze attack). Your deliverables will include both high and web resolution files of your fully-edited photos, and/or your professionally-produced videos, but we do not release RAW unedited photo files or raw video footage.


What if I need you to come a earlier or stay later than the amount of time the package includes? 

As long as you give us adequate notice (especially if we will be traveling and need to buy plane/train tickets), it should be totally possible! Depending on how much extra time you need, and each particular case, we will either add it to your total cost as an hourly rate or a flat fee.


Is your company LGBTQ-friendly? 

Of course — love is love! Everyone is welcome, no matter your sex, age, race, religion, heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, or presentation.


Are your companies insured?

Absolutely. Each of our companies is covered with general liability, professional liability (errors and omissions), equipment, and third-party property damage policies. Some wedding venues will ask for proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance for each vendor. We can provide proof of insurance right away and free of charge, but there is a small fee for a certificate of insurance, and it may take a few days to acquire from our individual insurance companies.


I just found out my wedding venue has an approved vendor list, and you’re not on it. Help!

Please please please find out this information prior to booking. Some churches and historical buildings have an approved vendor list, and it’s very difficult or expensive to get on these lists, so they should present these lists to you if it’s a requirement. But we get it, sometimes things happen. If your wedding is still several months out, and you’re set on using this venue, we can work with you to possibly return a portion of your non-refundable deposit. If it’s closer to your wedding date, we’re really sorry, the deposit is non-refundable, especially since we may have turned down another prospective client for your date at that point.


We loved working with you! Can you do family photoshoots, baby sessions, birthday parties, or anniversary parties?

Absolutely! We love to form ongoing relationships with our clients, and would be happy to capture all of your future milestones.


What if I have another general question?

Send us an email at hello@mapleandoakweddings.com, or find us on Facebook or Instagram!